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BISP نیا سروے اور 10500 کے لیے دوبارہ تصدیق

8171 Verification

BISP New Survey: There is a new update of 8171 which says that you will start getting money from 27th November. If you have received any SMS through 8171, then you will get your money soon. If you have not received any SMS, then you need not worry. Then you have to complete your survey.

Surveys are being conducted on a daily basis in the Nearest Tehsil Office. Registration in the Benazir Income Support Program is very easy with the help of the Tehsil Office. You can register for this program by following the following method.

Earlier, a team was sent by the administration to conduct household surveys to include poor households in this program, but now the government of Pakistan has established BISP offices in the tehsils, to conduct surveys, You have to visit your nearest tehsil office.

NSER Survey Online Registration Check

The purpose of the survey base is to transparently provide disbursement of financial assistance to poor households Basic data is collected to conduct the survey NSER survey initiative as a detailed systematic collection of bio-data for poor households. The survey was first introduced in 2010 when the team went door-to-door to collect bio-data of people and enroll them in the program.

But now you have to go to the tehsil office to get the survey done which is a good move if your NSER survey is not complete then you can’t get financial aid from any program it is necessary to complete the survey if If your survey is not done, re-verification has been initiated by the government so that ineligible persons can register themselves and benefit from this program.

NSER Survey Online Registration Check

NSER Status Check By Tracking ID

If you want to check your NSER registration online, you can check your eligibility using the online portal. The following details are required to conduct the survey

  • Your computerized CNIC
  • Monthly Income Certificate
  • After the survey is completed, the poverty score is looked at

NSER Survey 2024 New Update

Under the BISP program, many deserving families who belong to completely poor families are not included in this program, so the government has decided to register the eligible families through a new survey, the National Social and Economic Survey 2023, which is known as the NSER Survey can be applied online.

NSER survey can be conducted through Tehsil Offices or NADRA Offices. Two ways to join this program are given in this article. The first method is the NSER survey, all the details of which are explained in this article, the second method is 8171 SMS.

Registration Check By CNIC

To check NSER survey registration you need to send a message to 8171 through the registered phone number.

  • Send your National Identity Card to 8171
  • Your information is sent to the Tehsil Office
  • In case of confirmation, you will receive an SMS
  • If your data is available then you will receive this SMS (آپ مالی مدد حاصل کر سکتے ہیں)

8171 Online Check

If you are in this program and you have not received any SMS yet, then you need not worry because this time, strict measures have been taken by the government, and it was decided in a recent meeting. went. Eligible families will be re-verified so that no one is left out of the program if you have not received an SMS.

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If you have not received any SMS from 8171, please refer to your nearest office from there complete your NSER survey then you will be registered in this program after which you can get a monthly amount of this program every three months.

Ehsaas Program 8171

The Ehsaas program was introduced in 2019. The objective of starting this program is to provide assistance to the lower classes so that they can meet their basic needs and support their families. financial aid is given every three months, so if you are registered in this program, you can get an amount of 9 thousand.

If you are not registered in this program then you don’t need to worry because the government has announced the registration of ineligible persons. Now you can go to Tehsil Office to register yourself in this program. There are many people in Tehsil Office to guide you.

This program is being implemented in several districts. This program gives you different cash amounts if you belong to a completely poor family. And if you are not able to afford your children’s education expenses then you need not worry because the government has announced another scheme under this program.

Known as Education Scholarships, this program provides scholarships to families and children So that they can complete their education and not burden their parents, only those families who are already receiving financial assistance from Ehsaas Program or Benazir Kafalat Program can benefit from this program.

Important Announcements About This Program

Those who have enrolled themselves in the BISP program and received an SMS about the amount then get the amount, a new update of the program has come out which states that the users whose tel. The number is registered, but they have stopped receiving SMS.

Because the Ehsaas program has severed all communication with the Telenor Company, no messages from the program will be sent to Telenor subscribers. And if you have not received any SMS yet then you should visit your nearest tehsil office soon and update your information there.

Govt has taken strict measures this time and it is also heard that people who didn’t receive SMS should do re-verification, otherwise, their money may be stopped, so do your re-verification so that you can avail this program. Continue to receive financial aid through

Scam Alert

All the messages of this program are sent by 8171 except that no new code has been introduced by the government. If you receive any SMS from any other number, then you don’t need to give your information at all. You can take action against them. You can also go to your nearest tehsil office.

Apart from this, you can also contact the helpline so that you do not face any problems according to the new update of November. 50% of the people have been sent SMS from 8171, those who have not received the SMS should go to the Tehsil Office.

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