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8171 BISP Complaint Center For Registered Complain Easy

8171 BISP Complaint Center

The BISP Complaint program has increased the criteria for helping low-income families. Most families need help in receiving payments or deductions from the money. That is why the government of Pakistan has made a complaint center of BISP as soon as possible to solve these problems. 

You can submit your application and get immediate solutions to all your problems. The special article also gives you a solution to all the problems faced by BISP-eligible applicants. And guidance is given. And it is also said. How do you face all your problems with the program team?

And can get their solution. If you register in this program, you will be provided money under this program easily. You can use this money to support your family.

Complaint  Methods of the BISP Program 

You can also submit your application to the BISP program in the following ways. Which have been given to you here with full explanation. Please read them in order and get all the information you need on how to submit your application to this program.

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Online Application Method BISP

An easy way to do online complaint work is to present any problem in registration. First of all, you can discuss the complaints related to the operation procurement of BISP. Through this portal, you can report your complaints directly to the complaint disk about your problem.

You will get the status of your complaints on your mobile number, you can also keep your complaints there. Here again, you face some kind of problem. So you can go to the BISP tehsil office of your local area and get all the information with an explanation from the BISP representative.

New Method Dynamic Complaint

You can also register dynamic complaints in the SP program. The dynamic complaints method is for those people. Those who do not have a login portal or cannot access the login portal.

You can submit your complaints directly in the tehsil office of BISP or by visiting the office of BISP. If you face any kind of problem there too. You can also submit your dynamic application to the registration office of BISP and get the solution to your problems.

8171 BISP Complaint Center For Registered Complain Easy

BISP Tehsil Office Complaints 

The procedure for filing complaints in the BISP Tehsil Office has been explained here. If you want to submit your complaint in this program, first of all, you have to go to any tehsil office in your local area, you have to tell them the purpose of your visit in detail, why we have come.

And we will give you a complaint form which you have to fill out very carefully. In the form, you have to give your CNIC number, phone number, and other important details about your complaints with an explanation. As your form is completed, you have to submit the form to the representative of the BISP Tehsil Office.

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BISP Complaint Whatsapp Method 2024

If you want to submit your application to the BISP program through WhatsApp, then you will be told the complete method here. How you can submit your application to the BISP program through WhatsApp. A complaint office has been established by the Benazir program. 

Deserving people have to face many problems regarding money while taking their aid money, that’s why this platform is made for them. So that they can easily contact here through WhatsApp and get the solution to all their problems. They have established different WhatsApp numbers in different provinces to provide better facilities to their registered people.

Contact informationBenazir Income Support Programm F-Block Pak Secretariat
Mailing address Headquarters Exchange BISP Helpline Number: 051-9246326
Call center number0800-26477


The BISP program has many objectives in this program poor deserving people are eligible. And they are given financial assistance. If you are poor and deserving, you want to qualify for this program. So you will be told the complete procedure here. In which BISP program.

You can qualify and get your financial aid amount. A WhatsApp number has been created for registering complaints in the BISP program. You can register your complaints in this program through these WhatsApp numbers. It will be given different WhatsApp numbers up for each province in this article.


How to Apply BISP Complaint?

If you want to submit your complaint to the BISP program now, you need to go to your local Ehsaas Program or BISP tehsil office and get a complaint form from the representative. This has to be done with utmost care. And he has to submit the Ehsaas program to the representative of the office of BISP. 

How to Online Apply for BISP 8171 Complaint?

You want to register your online complaint in the BISP program. So you will be given a WhatsApp number by the BISP program here. You can register your online complaint through this WhatsApp number.