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PM Laptop Scheme Phase (IV)  2024

The provisionally chosen applicant list for PM Laptop Scheme Phase III Merit List 2024 from universities in the public and private sectors has been released.

In the upcoming year 2024, more than one lakh Laptops would be provided to Students, both male and female, according to Pakistani Prime Minister Mr. Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif mainly because many deserving and gifted Students this time around were unable to obtain laptops.

To assist students from public universities who cannot afford to buy laptops, the PM Laptop Scheme 2024 was established. Starting on Sep 25, 2024, the laptop distribution procedure has been in motion. The following website,, is where candidates who are eligible for the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme Phase 4 can check their eligibility.

Hec PM Laptop Scheme

After adjustments, the HEC released the final merit list, which was submitted to the university’s focal person as the initial interim list. The temporary list must be corrected by the focal person within 15 days before the HEC is sent again.

If students cannot provide documentary proof at the time of laptop distribution, they will not be eligible. Academic achievement will determine a student’s merit for the laptop program.

Selected applicants from various Pakistani colleges have been released by the HEC for Phase 4 of the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2024

Additionally, only students currently enrolled in Pakistan’s public higher education institutions are eligible for the PM Youth Laptop Scheme.

Latest Update 2024

Latest Update 2024

Objectives of the PM Youth Scheme

  • Improving the quality of science and technology education, including the use of ICT.
  • Creating alliances between industries and their education and training providers.
  • Smart campuses enable rapid networking and an enhanced learning environment.
  • Increase industrial productivity and value addition.
  • To ensure that the full potential of information technology is leveraged to improve the education sector.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency by implementing cutting-edge IT solutions.

Eligibility Criteria

Students enrolled in HEC-accredited public universities/degree awarding institutes (excluding distance learning).

  • Students enrolling in an 18-year Ph.D./MS/MPhil program or a similar program.
  • Students pursuing a 4-year or 5-year bachelor’s degree (morning and evening classes).
  • Students enrolled in the MBA Program (3.5, 2.5, and 1.5 years).

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Eligibility Criteria

Distribution Criteria

The following distribution criteria have been established:

  • Laptops will be allocated solely on the basis of excellence in each degree program (Ph.D., MS/M.Phil, and 16 years of schooling).
  • The share will be calculated based on university enrollment and the laptop quota for each degree program (i.e., University Quota, Campus Quota, Degree Program Quota, Department Quota, and Yearly Distribution).
  • Balochistan HEI’s quota has been established as per PM office guidelines, i.e., 14% (14,000 Laptops) will be distributed in Balochistan HEIs. (Note: Students from approved universities in Balochistan will be accommodated under this quota).
  • The remaining 86,000 will be distributed among public sector HEIs based on enrollment preferences.

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Ineligible Students for PM Laptop Scheme

The following students will NOT be eligible for laptops under this scheme

  • Students enrolling in any private higher education institution (HEI).
  • Students enrolling at any of the government’s degree and postgraduate colleges, as well as affiliated colleges.
  • Students who have previously acquired a laptop through a Federal or Provincial Government program.
  • Except for AJK students, and foreign nationals.
  • If a student has not applied online or has not received an application through the online portal.
  • At the time of distribution, the eligibility for the laptop award will also be determined. If a student fails to submit the requisite paperwork and proof of academic performance against the data that qualified him/her for a laptop, he/she will not be issued a laptop.
  • Any chosen student who completed their degree program prior to laptop distribution.

Eligible Universities For PM Laptop Scheme

Higher Education Commission (HEC)

Prime Minister’s Youth Laptop Scheme Phase-IV

Public Sector eligible HEIs

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