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Sila-e-fun program 2024 Registration Started Online

Sila-e-fun program

Sila-e-fun program: The Punjab Social Protection Policy, recognizing income insecurity among the elderly and disabled, has launched a program to assist the elderly. In comparison, Pakistan is the only country that does not have a social pension scheme for the elderly. Bangladesh, India, and several other regional countries started a scheme in the 1990s to establish a

cash transfer program for the elderly.  It is important for the state to take responsibility for the elderly. The Silla Fun program is one such program. Monthly money is provided to poor classes and elderly people. This program has been started in about 36 districts of Pakistan. Facing poverty is especially difficult in old age. 

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Punjab Sila-e-fun program 

If you were a famous artist when you were young but with age, you have lost your amazing skills, and you face difficulties in life when it comes to money. This is where the Sila-e-Fun Program saves you and provides you with financial support, as this program is for artists and laborers whose monthly income is less than 15 thousand. 

Sila-e-fun program 2024 Registration Started Online

This program provides them with a monthly stipend of Rs.5,000 to continue receiving support through the program.  Which they deserve. If you are also eligible for this program and want to improve your life, then you should apply now so that you will be helped. 

The Sila-e-fun Program is an important support system for artists who have dedicated most of their lives to the arts and culture industry. It is designed to encourage eligible families to check their eligibility, submit the required documents, complete the registration process, and avail of the benefits by joining the program.

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Sila-e-Fun Eligibility Criteria 

You must meet the eligibility criteria to join the program. It provides Rs 5,000 per month to senior citizens. This program is not designed for all people. Therefore, the Government of Pakistan has set eligibility criteria.

If you are applying, then make sure you are above 50 years of age; senior artists should have 25 years of experience. Artists with 25 years of experience will be assisted by providing a stipend of Rs 15,000.

Especially for those who specialize in art, music, crafts, and various fields. Your monthly income is less than 15 thousand. If you are a resident of Pakistan then you can be eligible for this program as it is necessary to be a resident of Pakistan.

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Sila-e-Fun Program Online Apply

Sila-e-Fun Program helps the poor people of Pakistan who are disabled, elderly people who are above 50 years of age, or low-income people whose monthly income is less than 15 thousand, such people are given this protection and monthly five Provides a stipend. It also protects artists who have lost their skills due to old age and are now troubled by the hardships of life  You can apply online. 

It is easy to apply online for the Ehsaas program. If you have amazing skills like painting, singing, and crafts, are a great artist, and have 25 years of experience in your field, then you can ensure the registration process. To join the program you have to apply online by visiting the 8171 portal. 

8171 You have to click on it to check the web portal. You have to enter your CNIC number in the portal box. And click on the enter button. After some time, you will be shown on the online status screen, and you will know whether you are eligible for this program or not.

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Sila-e-Fun Online Registration

If you are above 50 years of age, are a skilled artist, and want to apply for Ehsaas online, then you don’t need to hesitate because the sila-e-fun program includes only those who are eligible.

  • You have to go to the nearest center with CNIC attestation copies for registration.
  • There you will be given a form, and after filling the form, your registration will be confirmed.
  • You have to submit the completed application form along with the necessary documents for proof of work experience, age, and monthly family income.
  •  You can easily check your registration status by calling the helpline number or texting your CNIC to 8171 to verify your information.

Aims of Sila-e-Fun Program

Punjab Social Protection Policy introduced this program by critically analyzing the situation of needy people in Pakistan. He saw in nearby countries that elderly people are treated well, but there is no such system in Pakistan. Therefore, he started this holy program in 36 different districts of Punjab. 

It aims to help people possess special abilities in fields like art, music, and handicrafts, which play an important role in the beauty of any country. The Sila-e-Fun program aims to recognize these talents and provide financial support to senior citizens. Who is facing great difficulties? It helps the disabled and also provides social security to our nation’s heritage. 

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This project aims to help the poor people and the elderly and to improve the economic conditions. This program ensures financial independence for artists and individuals living below the poverty line. It is to ensure that poor elderly persons and artists are included in society to provide them with dignified support. 

The basic needs of the poor and needy artists should be met and supported. The poor, the needy, and the artists should be reduced to financially dependent on their friends and family. This program has already helped 2034 deserving artists make a positive impact on their lives.

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