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PM Youth Loan Scheme – 45 days Youth Loan New Scheme 2024

Apply PM Youth Business Loan Scheme- Latest Now 2024

PM Youth Loan Scheme Under the Prime Minister Youth Loan Scheme, loans can be availed in just 45 days in very easy instalments. People who are citizens of Pakistan can apply for this loan. If they qualify for the loan, they will be transferred to the provided bank account within 45 days.

You must have your complete information along with your original identity card number to avail of the loan. Note that this is only being offered to people between the ages of 21 and 45. If you meet the criteria, you will get.

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Prime Minister’s Youth Programme

Small and large businesses are being offered easy instalments and low markups. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has started this program on behalf of the Government of Pakistan. And in this program under Youth Business and Agriculture Noon Scheme has been started

Under this scheme, the transfer of money will be done by the Government of Pakistan in just 45 days. All the citizens in Pakistan between the age of 21 to 45 years under the PM Loan Scheme. They can get a loan of 75 lakhs from Pakistan to do business

Purpose of PM Youth Loan 2024

Under the loan scheme, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has started a scheme to give loans to the youth. Its main objective is to improve the economy of Pakistan. So that Pakistan will develop economically and its young generation will know the importance of business. Providing loans to the youth for small and large businesses can brighten the future of the young generation

They can get development and the economy of Pakistan will also develop with them. The provision of funds for starting an IT business is also being made very easy by the government, which will promote Pakistan at the global level. And there will be progress if new technology is added to agriculture to make it work for agriculture as well. Because agriculture is the backbone of Pakistan

انہیں ترقی مل سکتی ہے اور پاکستان کی معیشت بھی ان سے ترقی کرے گی۔ حکومت کی جانب سے آئی ٹی کا کاروبار شروع کرنے کے لیے فنڈز کی فراہمی کو بھی بہت آسان بنایا جا رہا ہے جس سے پاکستان کو عالمی سطح پر فروغ ملے گا۔ اور اگر زراعت میں نئی ٹکنالوجی شامل کی جائے تو اسے زراعت کے لیے بھی کارآمد بنانے کے لیے ترقی ہوگی۔ کیونکہ زراعت پاکستان کی ریڑھ کی ہڈی ہے۔

Therefore, providing credit to farmers is very important for Pakistan and can prove good for agricultural production. It aims to be delivered within 45 days. So that people can benefit from this scheme and give community to their business

PM Youth Loan Scheme – 45 days Youth Loan 2023-24

Loan Tiers and Markup Rate of PM Youth Loan Scheme

  • Tier-1st (T1):  loan limit is up to Rs 0.5 million (5 Lac) with a 0% markup rate.
  • Tier-2nd (T2): Above Rs 0.5 million(5 Lac) and up to Rs 1.5 million (15 Lac) with a 5% Markup rate.
  • Tier-3rd (T3): Above Rs 1.5 (15 Lac) million and up to Rs 7.5 million (75 Lac) with a 7% Markup rate.

List of Banks For PM Youth Business Loan Program 2024

  • Allied Bank Limited
  • Albaraka Bank Limited
  • Askari Bank Limited
  • Bank Al Falah
  • Bank Al Habib
  • Bank Islamic Pakistan Limited
  • Bank of Khyber
  • Bank of Punjab
  • Dubai Islamic Bank Limited
  • Faysal Bank Limited
  • First Woman Bank Limited
  • Habib Bank Limited
  • Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited
  • JS Bank Limited
  • MCB Bank Limited
  • Meezan Bank Limited
  • MCB Islamic Bank Limited
  • National Bank of Pakistan
  • Sindh Bank Limited
  • Soneri Bank Limited
  • United Bank Limited

Loan Tenor:

  • A T1 loan can last for a maximum of three years.
  • Long-term loan terms for T2 and T3 are up to 8 years.

Eligibility Criteria for PM Youth Loan Scheme 2024

To get a loan under this scheme you have to fulfill the following criteria

  • You belong to this family, poor and deserving
  • You must have your original identity card issued by the Government of Pakistan
  • Remember, to get this loan, the government of Pakistan has set an age which is between 21 to 45 years, the same person can play a role in business.
  • 18 years is the age for getting a loan for doing business in the IT sector
  • Farmer classification will be applicable as per the SBP index red limit and eligibility for Agriculture Finance 2020 for availing loans for agribusiness which are mandatory.
  • If many people are getting a loan to do business together
  • On behalf of the Government of Pakistan, it should be noted that for a partner, in whose name the loan is being taken,

Documents required For 45-Days PM loan 2024

You should get the money within 45 days

  • Must have National Identity Card You will be disbursed under Prime Minister Youth Loan Scheme within 40 days after the bank owner confirms your application.
  • You must have a matriculation certificate to avail of a loan for an IT business
  • To start an agriculture business you need to have documents showing the nature of the business such as monthly income, expenses, and tubewell bills, etc.
PM Youth Loan Scheme – 45 days Youth Loan 2023-24

People who are not eligible for Youth Loan Scheme

Within 45 minutes you don’t get your loan under Prime Minister Youth Loan Scheme

So you are not meeting all the criteria that have been selected by the Government of Pakistan

  • If you have a fake ID card or someone else’s ID card that is trying to get you, you won’t get it.
  • If you have travelled abroad or live abroad, can you not get a loan from this program in Pakistan?
  • Government employees are strictly prohibited from availing under the scheme as they are already holding government jobs
  • To do IT business you must have a class matric certificate if you don’t have any video, you won’t get a loan.
  • If you meet these criteria, you will get the loan
  • If you don’t get off, you won’t get paid


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Final words

Loans are being given to young people by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The main purpose of this is the poor people in Pakistan who want to start their own business but they do not have money to start their own business.

Government of Pakistan is giving loan to these people, they can get loan from it and start their own business. If you also want to get money from this lawn, register quickly so that you can get the people you get from this program and build your business.

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