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Meezan Bank car installment New Updated plan 2024

Meezan Bank Car instalment – Car Loan Calculator

Meezan Bank car instalment: A branch of Ijara Meezan Bank is known as the Car Financing Board. It is Pakistan’s first interest-free car final sing scheme based on the Islamic financing methods of Ijara Leasing.

This product is ideal for individuals who want to avail of interest-free vehicle financing for locally assembled vehicles at free and easy instalments. 

Car leasing works through an agreement whereby the bank buys the car and leases it to the customer for a period of five years.  It was agreed at the time of the contract that the vehicle would be sold for a token amount or given as a gift till the end of the lease period.

Eligibility Criteria

meezan bank car calculator

  • Fencing is available for locally assembled and complete bill-top CPU vehicles. 
  • Security deposit advance minimum fifteen per cent and maximum fifty per cent of the vehicle price
  • Both data check and such should be clear and there should be no party or any other criteria at the time of acceptance of gas
  • This facility is available to all Roshan Digital account holders including foreign currency account holders. 
  • There is no processing charge for Dast Dua and Security Perfection Charger The original application has to pay the right to pay the case. 
  • The monthly rent will be deducted directly from PK Today’s Roshan Diesel account on instructions
  • The vehicle will be provided to the blood relatives of the applicant in the name of the applicant, neither brother, daughter, sister, nor partner residing in Pakistan
  • The maximum age of Mujaza nominated co-payee should be 30 years at the time of maturity of Pujara.
  • For non-filers, an advance tax of seven per cent on the value of the vehicle will be applicable at the time of delivery of the vehicle
  • Applicant’s maximum age limit at the time of maturity should not exceed 48 years for Trader Self-Employed Professional.
Meezan Bank car instalment New Updated plan 2023

How To Apply For Meezan Car 

There are a few easy steps to follow to get a car from Meezan Bank

  • Visit the official website of your Meezan Bank
  • There you have to click on your car button
  • After that, you have to get all the information from there
  • After doing all this you have to go to any branch of Meezan Bank which is nearest to you
  • After that, you have to tell them that you want a car and give all your information
  • You will get all the details about when and how you will get the vehicle. After getting all the information, consider the given steps and get your vehicle