Thu. May 23rd, 2024
Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz launched Negahban Program

What is a Negahban program?

As Chief Minister of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz launched Negahban program. She has announced that she will provide rashan to the poor during Ramadan. Through which you will be able to get ration, you will be provided with 10 kg of flour and 2 kg of sugar, 2 kg of rice, 2 kg of dal and along with this you will be given 2 kg of ghee. 

If you want to register yourself in the program then you must read this article because it tells you everything in detail, you will be able to register easily, so read this article in detail and complete your registration. Save time. . Get free rations and flour.

Procedures for Registration in Negahban Program

If you want to register in the Nighaban program and you also want to get the rashan given by the Chief Minister of Punjab which is being offered through the Nighaban program then you should register yourself. 

For registration, we tell you. That you do not go to any office or any other place where registration is taking place because for registration in this program, the Nahbaan Program( نگہبان پروگرام ) survey staff will come to your home to register you and program you rashan. 

Maryam Nawaz says that people who are totally disabled or widows should be given ration especially in their homes, looking at this initiative the Punjab government has started its work. It is given that you stay at home and get these rations. Having your CNIC is very important for registration.

Negahban Program Registration Online

You don’t need to go to any office for registration in this program, you will experience team house for different registration in this program after which you will be given rashan after work on 15th March. . which has started till 20th March and you will be given rashan if you want to register in this program from your online then you can’t register. 

Maryam Nawaz Negahban Program Survey teams want your CNIC at home or you yourself. It will be great if you are at home while you will be given some information to register the team after which you will be eligible for the program. Rashan will be given.

Nighaban program latest update

In the latest update given below in the program you will get 10 kg of flour, 2 kg of sugar, 2 kg of rice, 2 kg of dal and 2 kg of ghee. If you want to get it how you can get it you will also be told how you can get it through rashan 8070.

So in this article you will find all the information authentic. is given and you should visit our website our website tells you the whole procedure whatever relief is going on you can get easily.

Negahban Program Survey

As he said, a program has been started since March 5 and rashan has been provided to a large number of families. will be able to live happily because the poor people have to suffer a lot due to lack of teachers. Considering this situation, more Punjab Maryam Nawaz has started this program so that in the month of Ramadan.


To be able to buy simple basic food and control their expenses and give them the right to live happily, so they can get an option in this program and you will also get help through Ehsaas program and BISP program. 

There is absolutely no need to panic, in this website you will be given all the information in an authentic manner, inshallah you will be able to benefit from all the programs easily. Get benefit from the Maryam Nawaz launched Negahban program.

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