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Check Your Electricity Bill

LESCO Bill Check Online 2024

LESCO Bill Check Online 2024

LESCO Bill Online: Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) provides and maintains electricity services in and surrounding areas. You can get it here if you are a LESCO customer and have not received your electricity bill.

You can get a LESCO duplicate bill by entering your reference number or ID (both of which can be found on any old bill copy). So, enter any of the information below to see your bill amount and due date. You can also download your bill or print it.

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LESCO Duplicate Bill

LESCO has designed this billing utility so that customers can check bills online. LESCO provides a high-quality online bill check facility without any customs charges. Customers can check bills online using the reference number printed on their bills.

Remember that this is unique. There is a reference number that they can use to download duplicate bills and reference numbers. We advise customers to save their reference number if our customer ID never changes. Keep the ID in a safe place so they can pay easily.

Electricity Bill Online Check

LESCO stands for Lahore Electricity Supply Company. Which is an electricity distribution company in Pakistan which is providing electricity in Lahore, Okara, Kasur, Sheikhupura

Established in 1998, it is one of Pakistan’s largest electricity distribution companies. Which is providing services to more than thirty million people

Responsible for managing load-shedding schedules and redressing customer complaints to ensure an uninterrupted power supply. The company provides various services through its website and mobile application such as checking your bill. You can also register your complaint and pay your bill.

Electricity Bill Online Check

How to Check Lesco Online Bill?

Lesco Online Duplicate Bill Lahore Electric Supply Company bill online you need to follow the following steps

  • First, you have to go to the LESCO online bill.
  • After going there, you have to click on the menu and then click on the information option.
  • There you have to give your reference number above the two numbers. After giving their reference number, you have to click on the submit button.
  • After that, you will be given all the information about your bill on your mobile screen and how much you will pay.
How to Check Lesco Online Bill?

Regions of LESCO

LESCO distributes electricity and its services to the districts mentioned below:

  • Lahore
  • Okara
  • Nankana
  • Kasur
  • Sheikhupura

LESCO Online Billing is Very Useful

Lesco bill checking online: If the customer does not receive his LESCO bill due to an address problem or a courier error, the bill may be incorrect in some cases. He needs documents for payment, then LESCO Online The billing system is an online place where they can browse the site and create LESCO duplicate bills without paying extra.

Consumed UnitsApplicable Charges
Up to 50 Units3.95
Up to 100 Units7.74
100-200 Units10.06
301-700 Units12.15
301-700 Units19.55
700+ Units22.65

Lesco Online Bill Check By Customer ID

Yes, you can submit your LESCO bill online through any bank (like Standard Chartered, UBL, HBL, Meezan, Allied Band, National Bank of Pakistan, Bank of Punjab, MCB, and Faysal Bank, etc.), Easypaisa or Jazzcash. If you choose the bank option, make sure you have an online banking facility active on your account.

Online Bill Check Lesco

LESCO is an electricity utility bill for consumers residing in Lahore and its suburbs, including Sheikhupura, Okara, and Kasur. LESCO is an acronym for Lahore Electric Supply Company which is responsible for electricity distribution in the above-mentioned areas.

You can save time by paying the electricity bill online and avoiding the queues outside the banks. Online bill payments can be made easily from any commercial bank’s mobile application or website. You can sign in to your bank account and pay your bill online.

Apply for a New LESCO Connection Online

In addition to the traditional paperwork, LISCO has introduced an online application process for new electricity connections.

It is quite easy to know about LESCO centres to get your new home connection. The process of applying for a new electricity connection is very easy. You need to select the type of new connection. Domestic COMMERCIAL SANTI PARTICULAR TUBE WELL PUBLIC RELIEF COLONY STREET LIGHT ETC.

  • Enter the National Tax Number
  • Sales tax registration must be filed.
  • Select your electricity supplier. For example, you must select Leskwing to connect to a new electricity source in Lahore.
  • After selecting you have to choose the appropriate relevant Zily distribution.
  • Select the application status, i.e. you are the owner or tenant
  • The full address of the applicant is mandatory
  • Father’s Name ID Card Number Current Address Mobile Number Enter at least two mobile numbers.
  • After doing all this, you will be given an email where you have to enter the number of mats already in your house.
  • Covered Neighbor Address Neighbor Bill Reference Number
  • Open the drop-down from the company that installed the meter

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