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Kisan Card Registration Online New Update 2024

Kisan Card: The government of Pakistan has decided to help the common people over the years, which is why the government is doing various projects and planning how to relieve the people. Farmers are a very important part of Pakistan, and because of them, Pakistan’s agriculture is developing very fast, and the country is moving toward prosperity.

That’s why the farmers should be given a lot of credit. The government has done a lot for the farmers in the past and is still committed to helping them.

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New Update 2024

Kisan Card Registration Punjab Pakistan New Update March 2024

کسان کارڈ کی رجسٹریشن پنجاب پاکستان کے کسانوں کے لیے شروع کی گئی ہے اور پاکستان ایک زرعی ملک ہے جس کی معیشت کا زیادہ تر انحصار زراعت اور کاشتکاری پر ہے اس لیے حکومت پاکستان کسانوں کو آسان اقساط میں قرضے فراہم کرتی ہے۔ کسان کارڈ کا افتتاح اس کے علاوہ کسان کارڈ جاری کیا گیا ہے تاکہ اس کارڈ کے ذریعے کسان دکانوں سے آسان اقساط میں خصوصی ریڈنگ حاصل کر سکیں اور دیگر چیزیں تاریخ پر حاصل کر سکیں۔ اس سے پہلے کسانوں کو اتنا بڑا ریلیف پیکج نہیں دیا گیا تھا۔ کسانوں کو آسانی سے فائدہ پہنچانے اور ملک دونوں جہانوں کی ترقی کے لیے حکومت کا اب تک کا سب سے بڑا ریلیف پیکج۔

The government of Pakistan has already helped the small class through sensitive programs and distributed financial assistance to the poor, including the Ehsaas Labor Program, Ehsaas Emergency Program, Ehsaas Kafalat Program, and Ehsaas Rashan Program.

The government of Pakistan has launched a card for a farmer known as the Kisan Card. This card will be released to people who are farmers and do farming all over Pakistan

Kisan card app

Kisan Card 215000 farmers have been alerted That after downloading the app give all your registration all information

Kisan card app

Kisan Card Apply Online Pakistan

Kisan Card Registration Punjab Pakistan 2024

The government of Pakistan has made this card for farmers. After getting this card, farmers will be given subsidies on fertilizer, seeds, and spray. To get the farmer card, first, the farmers have to register themselves. The Agriculture Department must then contact the card and phone number, and after that, they will be cut off, which is called Kisan Card.

  • First, you have to take your ID card and phone number
  • After that, you have to go to your nearest agriculture department office
  • They will collect all your documents and give you a file
  • Once you are registered, you will get a confirmation message on your mobile number
  • It will then be sent to you through TCS or any other service like Post Office

Required Documents 

  • CNIC
  • Complete Name
  • Mobile number
  • Complete address
  • Passport size picture
  • District
  • Tehsil

Kisan Card Online Registration

Kisan card registration has been started for the farmers of Punjab Pakistan, and in Pakistan, it is an agricultural country. The economy is mostly dependent on agriculture and farming, so the government of Pakistan provides loans for farmers to make easy instalments. Inauguration of Kisan Card Apart from this, the Kisan Card has been issued so that through this card, You can also Read:

Farmers can get special readings from shops on easy instalments and other things on a date. Earlier, such a big relief package was not given to farmers. The government’s biggest-ever relief package is for farmers to benefit easily and for the country to develop both worlds.

  • First of all, go to HBL Connect Bank or Registered Shop. 
  • Then you need To fill out the form and Submit all legal documents. 
  • Then You need to wait 
  • After some days, if you are eligible, then you will get a Kisan card 
  • Enjoy 

For Registration, you need To send an SMS to 8070. Type urea and get a 2,000 Subsidy.

Kisan Card Apply Online

Kisan Card has been launched in Pakistan. Through this card, farmers can get subsidies on seed spray and fertilizers. You should go to the Agriculture Department office with your ID card. Remember, you will not have to pay any fee to join this program.

All those people who belong to the agriculture sector and their profession are farmers are being included in this program

Kisan Card Registration Punjab Pakistan 2024

Kisan card New Update

After the new update, PM, Pakistan has introduced a new Loan package for farmers up to 5 lakhs. Farmers can get loans from the government of Pakistan and start businesses in the agriculture field. Farmers are the most important part of our country because they are responsible for most of the population. They cultivate wheat, etc.

For Pakistan. And this is followed, and the shipment of wheat continues throughout the country. Therefore, the government of Pakistan has decided to give them relief and provide them with loans. Under a scheme established by a governmentless Pakistan in Pakistan

Kissan card subsidy

If the Kisan Card message reaches your number, you can receive it from the Assistant Director’s Office or Deputy Director’s Office. A voucher is generated on each bag of fertilizer spray and fertilizer batches. The farmer can send his National Identity Card number to Uta Hai Zero Sat Zero through this watcher code and receive the subsidy.

  • Subsidy per back on DAP will be Rs.1000
  • A subsidy of 1000 rupees per bag of cotton will be given
  • A subsidy of Rs 1200 will be given on insecticide spray.

Which banks are associated with the Kisan card in Pakistan

These banks offer Kisan cards with various features and benefits, including credit card facilities, insurance coverage, and subsidized sources of funds.
Remember, if you want to access various financial services and benefits related to agriculture, you can go to any bank in the list of banks provided.

  1. National Bank of Pakistan (NBP)
  2. United Bank Limited (UBL)
  3. Habib Bank Limited (HBL)
  4. Allied Bank Limited (ABL)
  5. MCB Bank Limited
  6. Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited (ZTBL)
  7. Bank Al Habib Limited
  8. Sindh Bank Limited
  9. The Bank of Khyber
  10. BankIslami Pakistan Limited

Kisan card helpline number

For More Information 0800-17000”

Kisan card online check

PM Kisan Card online registration and application has started if you want to know about Kisan Card information or Kisan Card Activation.
So you can get guidance. All registered Kisan Cards with biometric authentication can be obtained from any HBL Connect store by opening an account.

  • They can get their registration from the Municipal Agriculture Office.
  • First of all, you have to find the office of the Department of Agriculture near you
  • After going there, you have to give your ID card number and mobile phone number
  • You will get a registration message on your number.

Do you want to get a Kisan Card?

The Ehsaas Program has introduced the Ehsaas Kisan Card. The objective of introducing the Ehsaas Kisan Card is to give farmers subsidies to get better yields for their crops. Now farmers have also started getting subsidies, so if you want to get a subsidy, first of all, you must have a Kisan card. No need to worry click on the link below and get your Kisan Card

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