Sat. May 18th, 2024
BISP Complaint Through BISP Tehsil Center Update 2024

Ehsaas 8171 File A Complaint

How To File A Complaint At BISP Tehsil Center? If you are registering in the Ehsaas program or you have already registered, you have any payment issues, or your registration is not being done, then how can you complain? We will tell you here how to complain and how to solve your problem. Just have to read all the information carefully and solve your problem.

After checking your eligibility, how much is your eligibility? Because the government of Pakistan aims to include only poor families in this program, so if your poverty score is less than 25%, then you can join this program. If you want to join the program, you should first check the poverty school.

How To File A Complaint At The BISP Office?

So now, how can you submit your complaint to the BISP program and office? You have to go to the BISP program office and write an application, in which you have to state clearly what your problem is.

Then you have to submit that application to the BISP program. As soon as you submit, your application will be processed, and your problem will be resolved as soon as possible. If you are eligible for this program, you will be registered for it. The Bisp Tehsil office list is displayed.

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What is the Ehsaas Program?

The government of Pakistan has run this program for rape families if any person who is not poor tries to qualify for this program, the Ehsaas program imposes different types of privacy if you are registering for this program or you have not checked your eligibility if you have not. 

8171 BISP Registration Complete Process

The government of Pakistan has a different process to complete the registration. You can easily ensure your registration in this program. You have to go to the BISP program office. You can also do your registration online.

The method of online registration is given below, you can register yourself online by following it, all other information is given in this article, you can get all kinds of information from here and benefit yourself. You can benefit others and become a part of this program by solving your problems easily.

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Ehsaas 8171 BISP Web Portal

How will you register through the Ehsaas 8171 BISP web bot? You have to wait for a while, and then you will see the picture code below. In the picture code, you will see seven, eight, six, five, and three codes written in this way. 

Then you have to click on the next button below, as soon as you click on the next button, how will you be checked for NIC, then you will be immediately informed that you have registered for the program. 

BISP Customer Support Complaint

The government of Pakistan has also provided customer support for registration in the BISP program. You should go to the BISP program office and share your problem. There, the staff will listen to your problem in detail. 

Will process it as soon as possible and you will be registered as soon as possible and you will be able to get the assistance provided by the BISP program.

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