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EHunar – Free Online Courses For Young New Registration 2024

eHunar E-Skills is a government-sponsored e-learning platform that aims to empower the youth with IT and teach them skills that will help them gain income. Start your IT career with the help of IT experts, learn IT skills from them, and start your path toward poverty alleviation.

The Ministry of Information and Telecommunications provides an enabling environment for the digital ecosystem, encourages skilled manpower and innovation, and provides full support for projects in the telecom sector. The Skilled Program seeks to bridge the gap between academics and industry by providing online technology-based training.

The Mandari Succeed Jawan program aims to revolutionize and contribute to Pakistan’s technology education and industry sectors by focusing on enhancing skills, promoting business opportunities, and advancing economic prosperity.

We aim to embrace the progress of the fourth industrial revolution and emerging technologies to make Pakistan a global IT hub. We aim to export products and services related to emerging technologies and promote social, technical, and economic development.

EHunar Free Online Courses For Youth 2024

The government of Pakistan has decided to employ its youth given the increasing unemployment in Pakistan, so all those who are unemployed and looking for a good job for themselves nowadays prefer online work i.e. freelancing.

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Through this, the world is going digital, and people are earning lakhs of rupees monthly from it. The government of Pakistan has decided to teach the youth of Pakistan digitally so that they can learn their knowledge and earn money from home. There are more than 24 courses and the training is completely free.

Under these courses, people will be informed at different speeds the program will tell you that you can earn money online and if you perform well you can get an internship in these programs Information Technology in Pakistan Few people know about this program of the Government of Pakistan has been started so that more and more people move towards online work and gain awareness.

People will be made more and more aware of online, and they will be made as per their interest so that they can develop Pakistan’s development in their development. They aim to make Pakistan world-class in IT.

EHunar Courses List

EHunar, in partnership with the Government of Pakistan, offers online employment opportunities to young people. Admissions for the next batch are now open, offering free training in more than 24+ advanced courses.

3-Month Certification Courses:

  • MS Office
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • AutoCAD 2D & 3D
  • Adobe AfterEffects (Motion Graphics & Animations)
  • Apps (Web, Mobile & Desktop Apps)
  • UI/UX Designing
  • PHP Laravel
  • Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH)
  • Python for Everyone
  • SAP Business One ERP
  • Cisco CCNA (R&S)
  • Shopify Dropshipping
  • AWS Virtual Assistant
  • AWS FBA Business
  • Video Editing
  • The Complete YouTube Mastery

6-month certification courses

  • Machine Learning, AI & Data Science
  • Android App Development
  • PPC Google Ads
  • Full Stack Digital Marketing
  • Full Stack Graphics Design
  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Penetration Testing & Web Hacking
  • eBay Dropshipping
  • iOS App Development with SwiftUI

Eligibility Criteria EHunar

There is a criterion if you want to get admission in the e-skills program; if you fulfill it, then you can get admission in this program. Eligibility criteria are checked and your application is made. You have to take an entry test to join the program.

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  • If you are interested in joining this program, then your education must be at least at the matriculation level.
  • You must pass a test.
  • You should then ensure that you have a score of at least 40%.
  • You are now added to the program after completing all of these steps.

Apply For EHunar

If you want to join the program but don’t know how to apply for it, we will tell you how to do so and also what documents are required.

  • You must first visit the official site of Govt
  • You will then see a blank screen that shows how much you’ve applied.
  • After receiving all the information about
  • Your application to join the Wave Program has been sent when you click submit.

Final Words 

This  EHunar has been launched by the Government of Pakistan. Its purpose is to help those who are unemployed or do not continue their education due to some problems become a source of employment by taking a short course. Along with this, very good steps are being taken by the government of Pakistan and more good courses are being conducted in it.

So if you also want to do short courses with  EHunar, then this information will be provided to you at the link. Click and get all the information. Admission has been started by these  EHunar. These short courses are being conducted by the government of Pakistan. Click and get all the information. Ensure your registration is completed as soon as possible, keeping in mind the country’s conditions.

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