Wed. Jun 19th, 2024
Ehsaas Program Double Payment 21000 Verifiaction For Phase 2

Double Payment Update

Ehsaas Program Double Payment 21000 has been started by the government in Ehsaas programme. For double payment verification, you can go to the nearest Benazir Income Support Program and get your verification done. The verification process has been made very easy so that all the people can get their registration confirmed as soon as possible. 

People who want to get their registration from Benazir Income Support Program for a long time. And if they are not registered, then there is good news for them, they can get their registration done as soon as possible. 

Ehsaas Program PKR 21,000 Payment Registration

For registration, they have been provided an opportunity to go to three Benazir Income Support Program near you and go there. As soon as they complete their registration, their documents are sent to NADRA for verification. 

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Applicants Document Verification Start

NADRA notifies their documents and informs them that they are eligible for the Ehsaas program. Whether or not they are eligible, they are paid double installments on priority basis. All those who have not received Benazir Income Support Program earlier and were declared eligible in the previous phase. But they have not been paid so this time it is a great opportunity for them to get their double payment for that government has launched an easy procedure you can also benefit from it and now.

How To Verify Double Payment Registration

Go to your nearest Benazir Income Support Program office and go there and meet the representative. The representative will receive all your information after which he will ask you for all the documents. Without it your registration process cannot be started, so you should carry the documents with you so that the representative can receive the documents from you and complete your registration process.

Required Documents For The Ehsaas Program

  • You have National Identity Card
  • Marriage certificate of husband with widow
  • Identity card with eunuch
  • Newly issued Discipline Certificate from the Disability Person 
  • All children who want to receive their money from Benazir Education Services. 

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For them, you must have their National Beform along with their school certificate. The school certificate must be attested by the principal of the institution, if it is not attested then the payment will not be paid to them. That you have to get your children verified and submit the FRC which will be issued by NADRA stating that they are your children and the money should be paid to them

How To Receive 21000 Double Instalment 

If you want to get the money, just go to your nearest Benazir Support Program office and your nearest retailer branch and collect your money from there. Yes, you can also take advantage of it. Now you go and verify your account, after which you are assured of payment. To receive the money, you only need to bring your ID card.

If you have an ID card, So you will be given money for making priority. All those people who were previously declared ineligible in the Ehsaas program can get another person to register and get money. 

If faced, you can file your complaints on the Benazir Income Support Program helpline and Benazir Program websites. Negligence in payment verification and not registering you will be prosecuted and fired from the job. Ehsaas Program Double Payment 21000.