Sun. Jun 16th, 2024
Ehsaas Be Rozgar Scheme Program Started Again 2024 (1)

Apna Rozgar Rickshaw For Poor Pepoles

If someone is unemployed, the Ehsaas Be Rozgar Scheme Program is for every eligible family and unemployed family without any earning person in their household. Or young people who have completed their studies but do not have any jobs. So, it has been announced by the Government of Pakistan.

If you qualify for this program, you will also receive various assistance. Like many, such as the Kafalat Program, Ehsaas Development Program, Ehsaas Bahamat Senior Program, and Ehsaas Discount Program. And many different types of programs that help poor families in Pakistan. 

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan started these programs and is still working and will continue to do so and help every poor family. This scheme will start in 2024. You can get your own rickshaw by joining this scheme and get your own employment.

Ehsaas Be Rozgar Scheme Program Started Again 2024

Procedure for Registering in Ehsaas Be Rozgar Scheme Program

How will you be able to register yourself in this program to register in the Ehsaas Be Rozgar Scheme Program? Know that all the information has been given to you through this article. After reading the complete details, you can complete your registration at home by going to the Ehsaas program office. 

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How you have to do these lineups is being told the method. You have to follow it and complete your registration. You have been given the link and must open the web portal. You have to enter your ID card number in it. After entering, check yourself and click on the option. As soon as you click, you will be notified with information that you may or may not be eligible for this program.

Registration Requirement

  • You live in Pakistan to register for this program.
  • And your study should also be conducted in Pakistan.
  • You will be registered in this program when your identity card is generated.
  • A SIM must be registered on your ID card number.

There should not be any big property in your name, a huge area. You should not have any big vehicle in your name. If you do not have any illegal cases and have not taken a loan from any bank, you can register for this program.

Required documents to register for this program

  • National Identity Card.
  • Number of your family members.
  • Your monthly income report.
  • Your total property.
  • Are you unmarried or married proof etc?

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Procedure for Online Registration in Ehsaas Be Rozgar Scheme 

If you want to register online for the Ehsaas Bezoraj Scheme, you should use the web portal. You can also register using the SMS code 8171. You have to enter your ID card number 8171. You are notified of the information as soon as it is uploaded. If you want to check online, you should use the web portal. You can read up on these headings for instructions on using the web portal.

  • First of all, you have to open the web portal.
  • You will see the Inter CNIC number written on it.
  • You have to write down your identity card number.
  • Below the picture code, you have to write that number in the second box.
  • Then find the option below to click on it.

You will be notified with information if you are eligible for this program. And you can easily benefit from this program.