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BISP Head Office Contact Number Islamabad 2024

BISP Head Office As we all know Benazir Income Support Program is spread across all the provinces of Pakistan. BISP is the largest financial aid organization in Pakistan. About 2.5 million families are connected with Benazir Income Support Program.

People are benefiting from the Benazir Income Support Program, but many are facing problems. To solve these problems, the BISP Program has established offices in every district of Pakistan and also established the BISP headquarters in Islamabad.

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BISP has published all its helpline numbers on its official website so that users can contact it in case of any kind of problem and get their problems resolved.

Head Quarter Exchange Number BISP051-9246326
Call Center Number0800-26477 

BISP Headquarters Contact Number Islamabad 2024

The BISP program has recently released disbursements. BISP has set up payment centers nationwide from where BISP eligibles can get their money.

If someone asks you to withdraw money, you can complain to the center at the headquarters, which will be responded to soon and action will be taken against them.

You can also contact the BISP Headquarters Contact Number to file your complaint or send it to BISP HQ Islamabad Gmail.

BISP Headquarters Contact Number051-9246318
BISP HQ Islamabad

BISP Registration Complain to Head Office

The BISP program is designed to provide financial assistance to poor people so that their standard of living can improve. In this regard, you can register on the BISP online portal. People can register through their CNIC on the BISP registration portal.

If you cannot register online, you can visit the BISP offices, where you will be registered if you are eligible for BISP. In connection with registration, if anyone demands money from you or asks for a bribe, you can complain to his senior officer.

If your complaint is not being acted upon, you can register it on the BISP headquarters contact number, and it will be redressed within a few days.

How To Register Your Complaint on 8171 Web Portal Online?

You can register your complaints through the portal. You have to visit the online web portal where you have to enter your information, and there you have to enter your ID card number along with your complaint.

To file a complaint, you have to check the nature of your complaint and what type of complaint you want to file. If you face any problems, a portal has been released for complaints. Benazir Income Support Program users can also register their complaints through a web portal along with ISpart for their online application. The easy procedure of filing a complaint through an online web portal is painless.

  • First, you must go to the official website of the online web portal.
  • After going, you must enter the 13 digits of the applicant’s ID card number.
  • To solve any problem, you can write the applicant’s full name together with his/her information in one BISp article.
  • The mobile phone number and the applicant’s complete information must be entered.
  • Give complete details about the nature of your complaint and what type of complaint you want to raise
  • After doing the submit button will appear. Click on it, and the complaint will be received.
  • You will receive a confirmation message that your complaint is being processed. You will be informed shortly whether your complaint has been resolved or not.
  • Account block
  • No Servay
  • Complaints about thumbprints
  • Deduction
  • Many times biometric failure
  • Other complaints

BISP Offices and Headquarters Contact Number

BISP has established 385 tehsil offices, 33 divisional offices, 6 regional offices, and Headquarters in Islamabad across Pakistan. All the offices work as a network for BISP. Therefore, a Complaints Cell has been set up at Islamabad Headquarters. Therefore BISP has given its contact number and mail where you can register your complaint and new ideas for the improvement of the organization.

Final Words

The aim of establishing the center on behalf of the BISP program is to help people to solve their problems, now you don’t need to worry, now there is a BISP or Ehsaas program in every tehsil. All the offices have been opened, now you don’t need to worry, now go to your tehsil offices and enter all your information correctly as soon as you enter your information correctly with your information. Along with this, all your applications will be updated, so the purpose of establishing this center is to solve your people’s problems.

By Iqra Iqbal

My Name is Iqra Iqbal. I am a dedicated professional who manages the BISP Payment Distribution and Registration Desk at the BISP office. With a focus on providing accurate and timely information, I play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of payment distribution and registration processes. Her role requires meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the BISP program, which provides financial assistance to deserving individuals and families. Through her work, I contribute to the welfare and well-being of those in need, positively impacting their lives. Her commitment to her role reflects her passion for helping others and her dedication to making a difference in the community."

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