Sat. May 18th, 2024
BISP 8171 پروگرام آفس رجسٹریشن کے تقاضے نئی تازہ کاری

New Registration For BISP 8171 Program

BISP 8171 Program Office Registration The government of Pakistan has introduced a new procedure, changing the registration procedure in the BISP program. Using this, you can easily ensure your registration even when sitting at home. How do you register?

How you can get your registration through 8171, you will get all the information from here. You should read this article in detail. You will reach this stage after you don’t miss a single heading. You will be able to ensure your registration easily sitting at home.

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BISP 8171 New Registration By Ehsaas Office 

If you want to register through BISP 8171 SMS, you have to send your ID card number to 8171. When you send your ID card number to 8171, your registration is done.

And if there is a BISP office in your area, you should visit the BISP program office. You can confirm your registration by going there. Registration is very easy. Anyone can register as BISP has looked into this issue.

That people who go to other cities to get their registration done. That is why BISP offices have been established in every town in every tehsil.

BISP 8171 New Registration By Ehsaas Office 

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Require Document For BISP 8171 Registration

  • Your Pakistani National Identity Card.
  • Number of your family members.
  • Your telephone bill.
  • Your electricity bill.
  • Your gas meter bill.
  • Your monthly income certificate.
  • Your bank statement.
  • Also, there aren’t any illegal cases against you.
  • If you have taken a loan from any application or bank and have not been able to repay it on time, you have defaulted. So you will not be able to be a part of this program.
  • So you have not taken any loan from any bank, if you have taken it, you have returned it on time.
  • After that, you can confirm your registration by checking your eligibility for this program.

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Latest Update For Office Registration

As mentioned earlier, KBIS has established its offices. For those who want to register for the BISP program, They go to Tehsil Afs established by BISP. Go there and ensure your registration.

But often there are many households with women who are disabled. Or if she is a widow, she cannot go out of the house.

Looking at this problem, the government of Pakistan has introduced an online system. Through which you can do your registration online. You can get more information on our website.


Registration can be done online or offline. The online procedure will not include upsms. You will use the web portal and SMS mode if you have a simple mobile.

You will be able to register yourself, and then, in the online web portal, you will enter your ID card number and check up. You will check up by sending your ID card number to 8171 via SMS. Both methods and procedures are the same.

The difference is that one method is online and the other is offline. In one you need internet. In others, you need a message package or balance. A message is sent for two or three rupees.

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