Sat. May 18th, 2024
Good News For Poor People To Register in Ehsaas Program 2024

Benazir Kafalat Program 21000 

Benazir Kafalat Program Started New Payment started. The Benazir Kafaalat Program was launched by the government of Pakistan for the poor and deserving people. All such persons who are poor and deserving. They are being given two installments simultaneously by the Government of Pakistan. 

An amount of 21 thousand rupees will be given to all these people. Who did not receive money under the Benazir Kafalat program?

How to Check Benazir Kafalat Program Money 

If you also want to know about your money, first of all, you will be eligible under the Benazir program. A PMT score is very important to meet the eligibility criteria if you do not meet the eligibility criteria under the Benazir Kafaalat program. 

So you will not be paid. Benazir Kafalat Program cut-off score, also known as PMT score is currently 37. If you come within it, the up-up amount will be paid.

Ehsaas Kafalat Program Announces Registered Families List 2024

What is the registration process for the Kafalat Program

The registration procedure is very easy. You should go to the nearest Benazir Income Support Program tehsil office and submit all your documents there. After verification, you will be given an NSER registration form which you will fill up. The document will be attached to it and will be passed through the process. 

Check Eligibility

8171 BISP Kafalat Program 

After which your data will be verified. You will also be told your eligibility criteria. You will SMS your ID card number to 8171. After which you will get confirmation messages. You will be told whether you are eligible for this program or not.

In short, the registration in the Kafaalat program launched under the Benazir Income Support Program has started again. Registration of all poor and deserving people has started. All such persons who are poor and deserving. 

They are being registered. And they will soon be given money through the Benazir Income Support Program. Persons who are already registered. 21000 will be given to them in two installments together. Those who are registered and receiving installments will be given an amount of Rs.10500. Benazir kafalat program check cnic now.

Ehsaas Kafalat Program Check CNIC Latest Update 2024

Benazir Kafaalat Program for Transgender

Procedure for Registration in Beneezer Kafaalat Program for Transgender Women.

  • All the Transgenders First register yourself as an eunuch with the identity card issued by NADRA. After that, at the nearest Benazir Income Support Program office.
  • Enroll in a dynamic survey.
  • After receiving the message from 8171, your new Kafalaat stipend will be released.
  • Transgenders are a part of this society and it is the responsibility of the government to take care of transgenders as well.

BISP Kafaalat Program Motive 

The government’s purpose in starting the BISP Kafaalat Program is “We will be the support of those who have no support.” On behalf of the Government of Punjab, First-of-its-kind project for financial and social support of transgender women across Punjab

Ehsaas Kafalat Program New Payment Start Update 2024

Masawat Program

Masawat Program has been started under the BISP Kafaalat program, get registered now and check eligibility. 3000 rupees monthly assistance for transgender women above 40 years and employment opportunities in private companies. Benazir Kafalat Program Started New Payment for masawat program.

Transgender people who want to join this work should get their identity card for transgender people from NADRA as soon as possible 2000 per month assistance to disabled transgender women aged 18 to 40 years. All transgender persons must have an identity card. We will support those who have no support.

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