Mon. May 20th, 2024
8171 BISP NSER Dynamic Survey For New Payment 10500 

BISP Today 18 February New Update

Today 8171 BISP NSER Dynamic Survey Meeting update of the BISP program new payment 10500 states that people who were not eligible for the program and are receiving assistance by registering for the program will be removed from the program. Registration and getting NSER have been restarted.

If you were already registered in this program or you know and confirm that you are eligible for this program you can also get assistance from this program. You should start your NSER again, survey your locality register, and get assistance.

New Update 2024

If you get registered but are not eligible for this program then you have to get your verification from NADRA because many corrupt people are not eligible for this 8172 program and by registering themselves in this program they are the government of Pakistan. 

To eliminate the same thing, the government of Pakistan has decided to remove these people from this program and bring those people who are entitled to this program. 

The people who are important in this program. If you have checked your importance then you are not registered in this program then you should go to the Nadra Office or BISP. Or you can go to the Nashonuma Ehsaas program office to ensure your registration and also get your server mandatory.

NSER Dynamic Survey 2024

NSER Dynamics Survet is a program by the government of Pakistan to find out which families are poor and which families are rich in Pakistan. By the way, everyone was included in the dynamic survey. The Ehsaas program went door-to-door with the team and they did the dynamics week. 

NSER Dynamic Survey 2024

One side is closed and those who are rich are on one side because the government of Pakistan chose a score which we call the school of poverty. So the poverty score when selected was 25%, if you score 25% then you will be registered under this program

How the NSER Dynamic Survey Process Works

If you were not present at home when the NSER survey was conducted or you did not get your NSER done in the NSER, there was any compulsion on your part and you could not get it done, then you should apply for the Ehsaas program. Go to the office and get your NSER exam done there. It is very easy to do NSER. You will not need to stand in line for hours or wait for two or three days. It is a very simple method. 

The first step is to go to the Ehsaas program office, from there the team will come to your home, look at your deaths at your home, check your CNIC, and all the information that is personal to you. After taking that they will select your poverty school based on your poverty score then you will be registered in the program accordingly.

How To Register Information In NSER For Ehsaas Program Registration

And when you confirm your NSER, then you can also register by sending an SMS to 8171 and you can also register online because when the person completes the 8171 BISP survey. So in the list of this program, it goes and your score is selected there and you check your registration using your ID number and send your CNIC number to 8171. 

If you do, you are immediately informed about the selected closeness score and if you are eligible for this program, you are registered and if you are not eligible for this program, then you will get this discussion. Please wait and your registration will be confirmed and you will be notified.

Final Words

So you should ensure your registration when you get your NSER BISP Pakistan Govt Program Registration, then you will be able to get the assistance given by the government of Pakistan easily. You have to use your CNIC only for your registration, whenever you register or want to get any information.

You will use your CNIC only. You can’t use anything else and you shouldn’t. When you do your NSER, you only need your ID number, you don’t need anything else.

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