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Khadam e Punjab Zewar e Taleem Programme 2024

Zewar e Taleem Program Online Registration 2024: Zewar e Taleem Program: Zawar Education Program is for students who for any reason cannot continue their education after primary because their parents do not have money to continue their education due to disability or any other reason. Due to the disease, the government of Pakistan has announced to give drinks and cash to students in 16 districts where literacy is low.

Improving their attendance at school Reducing the dropout rate of girls from school This money is being distributed by the producer of the BISP Income Support Program has a major objective in running this program PSP A. Punjab Social Protection Authority has also given a considerable amount in this program

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Zewar e Taleem Program Online Check Registration

Punjab Social Protection Authority PSPA is providing cash transfers to more than 730 thousand 85 people through three different conditional and unconditional programs. And according to the aim of the future Prime Minister of Pakistan,

Zewar e Taleem Program Online Registration 2023

through the Ehsaas program in Punjab, to provide financial assistance to the weak and poor people, they should be given a respectable position in society. Punjab Social Protection Authority has been created to ensure economic and social security for the classes, it is also to increase human development and social security and eradicate poverty and empower women.

zewar e taleem program online check

When Prime Minister Imran Khan came in 2018, he started the Zawar Education Program for boys who cannot afford to study and go to school, but in Punjab, they gave basic school supplies such as notebooks. There is no money to buy pencil color etc. The Wasilla education program was started in different districts Punjab government gave about six billion rupees for the Ehsaas program only for girls for one year.

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In order to make the jewelry education program transparent and clean in the Punjab government, service cards have been issued to eligible girls. An amount of Rs. The complete procedure for withdrawing cash from the PTI leader had issued orders to give scholarships to about four lakh school-going girls who were 80% eligible in the class.

Zewar e Taleem Program Check Online Registration 2023-24

Districts For Khadam e Punjab Zewar-e-Taleem Program

Khadim Punjab has started the first phase of the Zawar program in Rajanpur, Bahawalpur, Muzaffargarh, Chinot, Wahari, Jang, Kasur, Okara, Lodhran, Bakhar, Khanewal, Pakpattan, Bahawalnagar, Rahim Yar Khan, and DG Khan.

I have also started to work. The Punjab government has worked to increase education, especially among girls. Because if most girls get an education then this society will progress and it will be helpful for the whole generation to come. It will be educated and educating the same girls means you will educate the whole family. Educating women is very important for our Pakistani culture in some areas and cities and villages. where no attention is given to women’s education. They don’t know

Eligibility Criteria

  • To be eligible for the program you have to keep in mind the eligibility criteria Eligibility criteria are as follows
  • 80% of the 6th-grade students will be given scholarships Scholarships will be released after biometrics from parents. Remember If your children study in a government school, they will be taken

Punjab Social Protection Authority

Address 78-79, D-Block, New Muslim Town, Wahdat Road, Lahore
Complain No 042-99232359-60
Working Hours 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM

Districts For Khadam e Punjab Zewar-e-Taleem Program

DG Khan
Rahim Yar Khan 

Who can Avail of This Card?

  • 6th to Matric class
  • Only girls
  • Attendance 80%


Is the Zewar-e-Taleem Program free of cost?

Yes, It is free and also Provides Payment to the poor and needy people who can not afford the payment

Is the Zewar-e-Taleem Program suitable for all age groups?

it is suitable for all Children who belong to the poor families and want to get higher education but have no payment

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