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Zewar-e-Taleem Program

Zewar-e-Taleem Program is providing conditional cash transfers to students enrolled in public sector schools at reduced rates in 16 districts. The Chief Minister of Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif has launched a new program called zawer Education.

Education is the most important thing in this world, it is a treasure that no one can steal and no robber can steal. It is the key to unlocking the world. It cannot be taken away, no nation can develop without education. According to Islam, it is obligatory for every boy and girl to get an education.

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Zewar-e-Taleem Program

Zewar e Taleem Program online checks 2023 Scholarship

Conditional cash transfer has been released to male and female students enrolled in government schools of 16 districts with low literacy rates and the Zawar Education Program Online Check 2023 has started disbursing funds every quarter.


Students from Class 10 to Class 6 are eligible for this program and have 70% marks in their attendance year.

Zawar e Taleem Program eligibility criteria

 The following criteria are followed to check the eligibility status.

  • Students of class 6 to class 10.
  • 80% attendance record.
  • Poor and deserving girls students. 
  •  Proper biometric verification by the education department.

Zewar e Taleem Program Online Registration

The government of Pakistan has started online registration under Jewelery Education Program. To keep this whole process free from corruption, our government has chosen a service card.

Every student can use this card to get their money at any specific centre in their area or through any machine. Which card can you use like an ATM card? A student can get his monthly stipend of Rs 1000 from any bank.

Follow the below points to use ATM.

  •  Enter your four-digit pin and press enter.
  • Press the English/Urdu option for the language.
  • Enter cash amount RS 1000 and press the “ok” option.
  • Insert your services card.
  • Take your card and money.
  • Zewar Taleem/ zaver- Taleem Program Application form 
  • Tehre this neo-specific form was filled with b were students. Clicks were the following link, then read all the scams.

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Last Date to Apply?

All information related to Punjab Zawer Education Program along with registration process eligibility criteria and geographical spread along with the application deadline is being sent here below.

Districts For Khadam e Punjab Zewar-e-Taleem Program

The government of Pakistan has announced to increase education especially among girls Because if more girls get education then the country will progress. And the next generation will be helpful, which will be education or victory

Ehsaas Government of Pakistan has declared women’s education as necessary for culture. Some areas, cities and villages where women are not paying any attention to education. How they are destroying entire nation and family with just one act

Zawar Education Program launched by Benazir Income Support Program focuses on giving equal rights to boys and girls in Islam.
Gender is not a problem in education Education is an important part of daily life And Quranic education is the most important part of any Muslim’s life.

Who can Avail of This Card?

ClassGenderAttendance Requirement
6th classFemale80%+
7th classFemale80%+
8th classFemale80%+
9th classFemale80%+
10th classFemale80%+
Matric classFemale80%+

Wazir Taleem Punjab contact / Helpline Number

Information details 
Address 78-79, D-Block, New Muslim Town, Wahdat Road, Lahore
Phone 042-99232359-60
Working Hours09:00 AM – 05:00 PM

Benefits of the Zewar e Taleem Program

7 lakh students can benefit from the Zeawar education program. All those students who cannot pursue their studies due to financial difficulties can benefit from the scholarship.

After getting the scholarship money they can fulfill all their needs like pencil box copies and school uniforms etc. Also, they can easily continue their education after receiving the grant money

FAQs for the “Zewar e Taleem Program”:

  1. What is the Zewar e Taleem Program?
  • The Zewar e Taleem Program is a unique educational initiative aimed at providing quality education and resources to underprivileged children in rural areas.
  1. Who is behind the Zewar e Taleem Program?
  • The Zewar e Taleem Program is spearheaded by a dedicated team of educators, philanthropists, and volunteers who are committed to making a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children.

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  1. What is the main goal of the program?
  • The primary goal of the Zewar e Taleem Program is to bridge the educational gap by offering free educational materials, access to schools, and mentorship to children who lack opportunities in rural communities.

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  1. How can I support the Zewar e Taleem Program?
  • You can support the program by volunteering your time, donating educational resources, or making a financial contribution to help provide books, uniforms, and other essentials to these children.
  1. Where does the program operate?
  • Currently, the Zewar e Taleem Program operates in rural areas across [mention the specific regions or countries], but it aims to expand its reach to more regions in the future.
  1. Is the program limited to a specific age group of students?
  • The program primarily focuses on elementary and middle school-aged children, but it may also extend its support to older students based on specific needs and circumstances.
  1. How can schools and communities get involved with the Zewar e Taleem Program?
  • Schools and communities interested in partnering with the program can reach out through the official website or contact the program coordinators to discuss potential collaborations and support.
  1. What kind of educational resources are provided to the students?
  • The Zewar e Taleem Program provides students with textbooks, stationery, learning materials, and access to qualified tutors who help them with their studies.
  1. Are there any success stories from the program?
  • Yes, there are numerous success stories of children who have benefited from the Zewar e Taleem Program and have gone on to excel in their studies, securing better futures for themselves.
  1. Is the Zewar e Taleem Program a registered charity organization?
    • Yes, the Zewar e Taleem Program is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to promoting education and improving the lives of underprivileged children.
  2. How can I stay updated on the program’s activities and progress?
    • You can stay updated on the Zewar e Taleem Program’s activities by visiting their official website, following their social media channels, or subscribing to their newsletter for regular updates and success stories.
  3. Are there any future expansion plans for the program?
    • Yes, the program aims to expand its reach to more rural areas and provide educational support to an even larger number of disadvantaged children in the coming years.

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