Sat. May 18th, 2024
نگہبان رمضان پیکیج، رجسٹریشن کا نیا عمل

Negehban Ramzan Package 8000

Negehban Ramzan Package 8000 was started in Ramadan, this graduation has also started. In the Neghaban Ramadan package 2024, you will be given three Bags of flour and a free Rashan. The Prime Minister of Pakistan has announced a relief package for every family under Ramadan; apart from this, household Asia ration will be provided free of charge, which includes Chinese cooking oil, garam masala, gram flour, chillies, pulses, etc. You can get it easily. You can’t complete your online registration through the package. You can get the package information after registration.

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Neghaban program is a program designed keeping in mind the poor people and under this program, the poor people can easily get their ration assistance. To get Rashan you have to follow some simple steps after that you have to get your amount or ration complete details placed in front of you so that you can’t go anywhere else Neghaban program complete details to you are told Those who are poor and deserving who have nothing to eat and whose poverty line is less than 30 can join the Naghbaan program and can get free Rashan. Remember that every month, this program will start only in the month of Ramadan and will end only by Ramadan. You can get the first Rashan before Moon Night and three bags of flour.

Ramzan Relief Package 2024 Check Online

Those whose income is less than 60 thousand rupees can be included in the Ramzan program. They will be included in the Ramadan relief package. You can check us online for your Ramadan relief package. You will also be provided a link to an article. You will click on this link to go to the Ramzan Package portal. You can check it yourself at the same time, and after checking, you will be informed. How many bags of flour are on your ID card, and how much ration can you get if you become ineligible? Then there is no need to worry.

Ramzan Relief Package 2024 Check Online

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Ineligible people are also given subsidies on Rashan. They will go to your nearest Utility store provide full details, and verify your identity card numbers, after that, you will be told that there is Rashan in your name and you can get Rashan on subsidy. You can get Asia at a discount of up to 60% from the market It is perfectly designed for those who become incompetent.

Negehban Ramzan Package App

The Punjab government has started the Neghaban program to release it to the public. Inflation has become very high in Pakistan, so almost everyone is worried. The Punjab government has announced that the app should also be introduced for the Neghaban program. will Therefore, the government of Pakistan has decided to launch an app for the Nighaban program People will be able to check their eligibility and registration details through the portal easily

You will be provided with complete details on our website in simple words. You will be provided with the information you want on the website. go And they should be given a good amount which is their right if you want to get your money Or want to get ration assistance, they can do it easily under the Neghaban program If you want to get your money under the Neghaban program then follow a few easy steps then get your money or get Rashan

8070 Ramzan Relief Package

Ramzan Relief Package If you want to get Rashan then send your identity Card number to 80 70 this is the official code of the Ramzan Relief Package you can check your status through the same 8070 Ramazan Relief Package Enter your ID card number without any dashes get complete Information in few minutes about the eligibility of 8070 This is a method by which poor and deserving people who are illiterate don’t know.

How to get internet access they can check it and get their registration Eligibility check procedure also Check Eligibility at home without any hassle.

Latest Update Nigehban Program

Under the Ramzan Relief package, assistance will be given to the poor and deserving people, and a free Rashan will be provided for assistance. You can also get free rice if you want bags of flour. So they will meet you in Ramzan three days before. You can get more information and details from our website. If you have not yet registered in the ration program, don’t worry. The team has been created by the government of Pakistan.

which is going from door to door and collecting data of people, after that details of people are sent to their mobile number to check if they are eligible or not important need to be given complete information and ration Is In case of ineligibility, they are told how they can get ration. For more information and details, they can also visit our office and a helpline has also been introduced. They can also call the helpline. And can take the information.