Fri. Jul 19th, 2024
Negahban Program Latest Update For Ineligible People Register

Update For Disabled People

If you wish to register for the Negahban Program, Or when the Negahban program team came to your neighborhood surveyed you, and found you ineligible. So, how can you register for This program when you are being told the procedure? 

How ineligible people can qualify for the Negahban program. You don’t need to go anywhere else you stay on the same website you will get all the information here in this article completely original. And you will be able to complete your registration easily.

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Negahban Program Registration

You were declared ineligible when this program team came to your neighborhood and checked your identity card. So let me tell you that one of the problems can be when you have checked your registration in the Negahban program. 

At that time, the Negahban program staff had the option to scan the smart card within the application. However, since the application was updated, those who checked their registration unfortunately had old ID cards.

So they were disqualified but now the application has been updated and those who were disqualified will also be eligible. You should visit your tehsil office as soon as possible and show your identity card to get a Rashan from the Negahban program.

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Negahban Program Latest Update For Ineligible People Register

Negahban Program New Update

When you confirm your registration in the Negahban program, you are given a free Rashan from the Negahban program launched by Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz. This Rashan includes 10 kg of flour, 2 kg of ghee, 2 kg of rice, and some other things used in daily life, which are very necessary for you during Ramadan. 

You know what is the rate of ghee and what is the rate of flour at that time. Inflation has increased so much that it is difficult for poor people to spend the month of Ramadan. Keeping this situation in mind, Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz Sharif has started the program.

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Negahban Program New Lists Continued

And there are quite a few people who were previously disqualified but had a smart card. But still, they were declared ineligible. What could be the reason? Let me tell you that the population of the entire Punjab is very high, and that’s why data on people has been collected through the Ehsaas program and BISP program. 

The data of those who were registered in the Ehsaas program has been added to the Hasta Hasta Negahban program. Due to this, when the watchdog program team came to your neighborhood, your name was not on their list. 

But later, new lists were added, and you were included. You should check your registration again if the Negahban Program team no longer visits your area. So you should go to your nearest tehsil office and get your Rashan by showing your ID card.

Final Words

Similarly, many people have been informed through our website. These people also got their registration and Rashan from this information. You are being told further how you can register for the rest of the programs in Pakistan. 

You will find all relief packages on our website. It is our duty to give you all the information that will be running in your area. That’s why we are providing information to you through our official website 8171 

Whatever problems you face, you can find their solution by visiting our website. All the information given to you here is absolutely authentic.