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Good News 938 Error In BISP Payment Withdrawal Issue Resolve

BISP Payment Withdrawal Issue

BISP Payment Withdrawal BISP was having trouble getting money. People were not getting money. When you went to get money, you got thumb verification code 938 , which was showing in front of you. This meant that your money had not arrived and your details could not be verified. According to his research, BISP sought help from top officials to resolve the issue. According to him, this problem is solved by those who are registered in BISP And those who are facing difficulty in getting money need not worry at all

They can earn their money at home. Getting money at home is a very easy process if you want to earn your money and whoever is sitting at home but you face the problem, and you want to earn your money at home, But you see the code 938 when you try to get money, this article will tell you how to solve the problem of code 938 and what is the solution to this problem. Complete the information before getting money. Know so that you don’t face any problem

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What Is a 932 Error In BISP Payment

Many people have this question: In BISP, when we go to get money, we see the code 938 . What does it mean, and how can we solve this problem? This means you are registered in BISP but can’t get your money. Go inside and verify your information. People who rarely update their information. If they reach to get the money without confirmation, they are not even surveyed, so they are not paid any money, which means they will face problems in getting the money, and they have no Also the amount will not be paid is a big problem from BISP side

بے نظیر انکم سپورٹ پروگرام میں اگر لیڈیز نے کوئی بھی نیشنل بینک سے لون لیا تو وہ نا اہل کر دی جائے گی دوسری بات اگر زمین اپنے نام کروائیں گے اس کا رجسٹی انتقال یا موٹر سائیکل ہوگا رکشہ ہوگا گاڑی ہوگی اگر اپ نے اپنے نام پہ کروا لیا میاں اور بیوی دونوں کی میں بات کر رہا ہوں تو اپ کو نا اہل 938 کر دیا جائے گا اپ کا PMT اس سے بھی بڑھ جاتا ہے سروے کروانے سے پہلے ان چیزوں کو اپ نے اپنی لائف سے ختم کرنا ہے

For those who want to earn money but are not getting money, if you also want to earn money and are facing problems, then no need to worry. Here you will be told how you can get your money at home. The process of getting money is very easy, so you don’t need to go anywhere else If you or any of your family members have registered themselves with BISP, update your information to get rid of code 938

When does this 932 Error?

In the Benazir Income Support Program, if the ladies take any loan from the National Bank, then they will be disqualified. Secondly, if the land is transferred in their own name, its registry will be deceased or a motorcycle, a rickshaw, or a car, if you transfer it in your own name. I am talking about both husband and wife, then you will be disqualified for 938. Your PMT increases even more than this, you have to eliminate these things from your life before doing the survey.

If your poverty score increases, follow the steps outlined above If you do all or any of these things, you will be kicked out of the program 938 error will be displayed in front of you now you will be told that due to these reasons, you are not getting the money check the complete information before getting the money so that you don’t face any problem.

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And you don’t have to worry about getting disqualified from BISP. For more information and details, you can visit our website where you can see complete information. How you will be enrolled in the program

How To Solve 938 Error Code

The procedure to resolve this issue is to visit the BISP office Update your information from there or do your survey again You have to update all your information like your identity card number, phone number and complete house details to complete the survey.

You have also received information from NADRA office in your survey And you don’t have to have trouble getting money if you don’t want to have trouble getting money So update your information so that you can join such a survey

Final Words

BISP Payment Withdrawal The purpose of making this article is to tell you if you are facing the problem of 938 then how can you solve this problem, the complete procedure to solve the problem and if you are not getting money. You are having trouble getting money

So don’t worry you have to take the solution of your problem from us because you can easily follow some simple steps which are taken by BISP to solve this problem. If you or any of your family members are enrolled in this program and if he gets to see the court of 938 then there is no need to worry at all

By Iqra Iqbal

My Name is Iqra Iqbal. I am a dedicated professional who manages the BISP Payment Distribution and Registration Desk at the BISP office. With a focus on providing accurate and timely information, I play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of payment distribution and registration processes. Her role requires meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the BISP program, which provides financial assistance to deserving individuals and families. Through her work, I contribute to the welfare and well-being of those in need, positively impacting their lives. Her commitment to her role reflects her passion for helping others and her dedication to making a difference in the community."