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What Is BISP Program And How To Register In This Program

BISP Program And Latest Payment Details

The BISP program of the Government of Pakistan is for poor women, widows, disabled people, and many other such families. Who are completely unemployed and whose resources for food and living at home have been reduced. The BISP program has been started to provide financial assistance to them. 

You are assisted every month or after three months through different packages, like the Benazir Income Support Program, whose shortcut means BISP Program. 

That is why you are assisted by the BISP program. What we call Benazir’s money. BISP Income Support Program assists poor families with the support of the Government of Pakistan.

BISP Program Registration

There are a few documents you need to register for the BISP program.

  • Like your CNIC card.
  • A number sim.
  • Your being a Pakistani is proof of that.
  • Number of your family members.
  • Your bank account statement.
  • Apart from this, there are many other details that you need to enter to register for the BISP program.
  • You should visit the BIS program office.
  • You can confirm your registration by going there.

You can also register online or at home. How to register online has been explained further. Read the above article carefully, and you will get all its information.

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Online Registration In The BISP Program

You can register for the program online. How can you register for your BISP at home? Know that you have been told in detail in this article.

You will not miss a single point, you will get all the information easily through this article. You don’t have to go anywhere else you follow this method to ensure your registration.

Steps to Register in BISP

  • First, you have to open the message box on your mobile.
  • When you open the message box, you first need to type 8171.
  • Then, enter your CNIC number below.
  • Which is your identity card number.
  • After writing you have to send it to 8171.

After sending, you will receive a message within a few minutes informing you of the registration confirmation. That you have been registered and can receive assistance from this program.

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BISP 8171 Web Portal

As you have confirmed your registration through SMS, similarly you can register online using your mobile data. And immediately you can get your information. 

You have to search 8171 web portal with Google Chrome. Or you have been given a link, you have to click on this link, the web portal will be opened in front of you. 


You have to enter your ID card number in it, after that you will see some digits written in the image code below. These digits are given because they verify you, that you are a human being. So you have to write that number in the other box on the side after seeing the same number. 

As soon as you write you have to enter below. As soon as you enter, you will be informed immediately, that you are registered for this program and you can get the assistance provided by the Government of Pakistan.

All Information About BISP Program Online Registration 2024

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