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BISP Double Payment 

Benazir kafalat New Update

Benazir Kafalat One important component of the Ehsaas initiative, which the Pakistani government started, is the Benazir Income Support Initiative (BISP). It was started in 2008 to directly support low-income homes with money, with a special emphasis on women.

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To qualify for BISP:

  1. A woman must be the head of the household.
  2. The household’s earnings ought to be insufficient to sustain them.
  3. At least one child under the age of eighteen must reside in the home.

To view the balance on your BISP:

There are two choices available to you:

  1. Online: To examine your balance, go to the BISP website and enter your survey token number or CNIC number.
  2. Text message: To find out your balance, text the word “BAL” to 8171.

To take money out of BISP:

Benazir kafalat New Update:

Hello everyone! We’re here to provide you with the latest update on the sponsorship program. The new episode is about to begin, and there seems to be a concern as many people haven’t yet received the second episode. In today’s post, we’ll address this issue and share information for those who have received the Benazir Income Support Program payment through 8171.

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For those who got the second payment of 9 thousand rupees, the question arises about the third installment. Will it be given to those who recently registered or completed a survey and didn’t receive money earlier? Or will it only be for those individuals who missed out on the second installment? We’ll cover all these details in today’s update.

Additionally, we have noteworthy news about the Benazir Kafalat program: the distribution of the second installment for September is still ongoing. We’ll keep you informed about all the details regarding these developments.

Benazir Kafalat

Benazir Kafalat

BISP 9000 Apply Method:

There are still a few individuals who haven’t received their Benazir Income Support Program installment in their accounts. While some have received their September installment, there’s anticipation for the release of the third installment. The government has issued a notification regarding this upcoming episode. It will clarify which individuals will receive the third installment. However, a question remains: will those who missed out on the second installment or weren’t eligible for the sponsorship program receive the third installment?

To clear things up, all those who recently registered and completed the survey might be eligible for double installments. This might bring clarity to the situation and help those who haven’t received their due support from the program.

New Update January 2024

New Update January 2024

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