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8500 Sehat Sahulat Program Latest Update Registration 2024

Sehat Sahulat Program Online New Registration Method 2024

8500 Sehat Sahulat Program The government of Pakistan has released the 8500 Sehat Sahulat Program for poor and deserving families.  Sehat Sahulat Program is a welfare program that aims to provide all health facilities free of cost to poor and deserving people. Through the Sehat Sahulat Program, such poor rare, and deserving family members who are suffering from any fatal disease and cannot afford their treatment expenses. You can also Read:

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Or they are so poor that they don’t have the money to get their treatment, so they can get their treatment through an 8500 Sehat Sahulat Program.

8500 Sehat Sahulat Program New Registration August 2024

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This initiative is so that the poor and helpless people can also benefit from the health facilities and get their diseases treated. Before that, many poor and helpless people died of sickness and could not be treated.

Therefore, the government has given free treatment to the poor and deserving families through the health facilities program in all private and government hospitals, and no payment of any kind will be received from any patient for this treatment. All of them will be treated free of charge.

8500 Sehat Sahulat Program New Registration August 2024

8500 Sehat Sahulat Program Category

The Sehat Sahulat Program is divided into two types of packages

  • Secondary care
  • Priority care

Secondary Care

Secondary care provides an initial coverage of Rs 60,000 per family per year and an additional Rs 60,000 per family covering all medical and surgical procedures. A life-saving therapy with implants and organs, including the treatment of hepatitis, HIV, rheumatology, end-stage renal disease and renal failure, liver, kidney, heart, lung, and neurosurgery.

Priority Care.

Priority treatment is provided at Rs 3 lakh per family initially and an additional Rs 3 lakh per family annually.

The Sehat Sahulat Program ensures that every citizen, regardless of financial circumstances, can access all necessary health facilities and improve overall public health and well-being.

It includes all medical and surgical procedures for heart diseases such as NGO plasty, bypass, diabetes mellitus, completes running and RTA, chronic infection, hepatitis, HIV, organ failure, liver, kidney, heart, lung cancer, etc., and diseases such as microcephaly.

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New Update About Sehat Sahulat Program

Let us tell you that the government has made some changes to the Sehat Sahulat Program. New conditions have been implemented for some people for the health facility programs; all such people whose monthly income is more than 50 thousand rupees can benefit from the Sehat Sahulat Program by paying a 30 percent fee for the program. 

And all such persons whose monthly electricity bill is more than 8 thousand rupees. They will not be able to benefit from this health facility program. The Sehat program will be provided only to those who are registered in the Benazir Income Support Program. 

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All such persons who have passports and have traveled abroad have been disqualified for this program. Now heart treatment and liver treatment have been suspended through the program. Therefore, those persons who are benefiting from the BISP program can get their treatment through the Sehat Sahulat Program.

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8500 Sehat Card New Update

The new information about the  Sehat Sahulat Program is that now you will not have to apply for a health card. The government has decided that the people who are eligible for this Sehat Sahulat Program. For them, their National identity card will be used as a health card. Now any poor family will be able to get treatment due to not getting a health card.

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Therefore, the government of Pakistan has given the status of the Sehat Card to the National identity card. All those who were eligible for the  Sehat Sahulat Program need not worry. Now, they can use their National identity card as a Sehat card.

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Eligibility Criteria 8500 Sehat Sahulat Program

8500 Sehat Sahulat Program was started for poor and deserving families. Sehat Sahulat Program has some eligibility criteria which are set by the government of Pakistan for the public, which are listed below.

  • You must be a citizen of Pakistan to join the program
  • Your National Identity Card number must be registered with NADRA
  • All the people who have NADRA ID cards in Islamabad are included in the facility program
  • Identity card of all permanent residents in Punjab.
  • Gilgil Baltistan and all permanent residents of Balochistan.
  • ID card of all KPK Permanent Residents.

Sehat Sahulat Program New Registration

There are a few steps you have to take to apply for the program and by following these steps, you can register yourself in the health facility program.

  • First, you need your CNIC.
  • You must have a registered phone number on your CNIC
  • ID card number is to be sent as an SMS to 8500
  • After some time, you will receive an SMS about your eligibility. You will be provided with all the details of whether you are eligible for this health facility program or not; if you are eligible, then your complete details will be read to your family members.

Final Words 

Do you want to make a health card? If you want to make your health card, then you have come to the right place. It is a policy made by the government of Pakistan that now you can get your health care in any hospital, whether in a private hospital or a government hospital. Mufti can do treatment so you must have health if you want to make a health card, click on the below link and still make your health card