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8171 ویب پورٹل کے ذریعے آن لائن ادائیگی چیک کریں نیا طریقہ

8171 Web Portal Again Started

8171 Web Portal: The government of Pakistan introduced 8171 to eradicate poverty in Pakistan and provide financial support to needy families. This program is designed for poor and deserving people To get maximum financial assistance and meet their basic needs. Individuals registered in this program want to check their financial assistance online.

So the government has introduced an online portal for the convenience of eligible persons through which they can verify their eligibility at home. If you also want to check your eligibility, you are given the procedure with complete details on this website. Now, you can check your eligibility at home with the help of CNIC. To register for the Ehsaas Program, you must have a National Identity Card.

After obtaining their national identity card, they can be registered for this program. To register, you have to go to the government’s established office. And you have to register there. How to get money will be given here.

Ehsaas Web Portal

This program was introduced in 2019 under Imran Khan’s government because, in 2019, every country was engulfed in the coronavirus epidemic. Due to this, the country’s economy was destroyed, and everyone’s business was destroyed, which caused problems for the people; because of this, every country introduced programs for its poor people.

Ehsaas Web Portal

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Similarly, a platform known as the Ehsaas program was introduced in Pakistan. The objective of this program is for every family suffering from poverty and needing financial assistance the most to register in this program and get financial assistance.

This program was designed to eradicate poverty. As time went by, this program also gained more importance Because the lives of many people have changed through this program. To facilitate this program, the government of Pakistan has established Tehsil offices in every district so that more people can register and receive financial assistance.

Web Portal

Those people who have registered in this program and are getting their money should get their money now you can check your money and eligibility verification online. Online Portal has introduced a portal through which you can verify eligibility from the comfort of your home. The eligibility verification process is very easy.

You must enter your National Identity Card in the official portal and enter the code in the image. You will immediately be sent an on-screen message letting you know whether or not you are eligible for our assistance with this program. If you are declared Eligible then you should get your money. To get money you can go to Tehsil Office or MobiCash center to get your money.

How to Check Online Payment?

If you want to verify eligibility through the 8171 portal, the procedure is very easy. You need to follow these steps, after which you can check your eligibility online at home.

  • First of all, you have to go to the official portal
  • You have to enter your information by visiting the official portal.
  • First, enter your National Identity Card in the portal’s first field.
  • After that, you are given a code in the picture
  • Enter this code in the second field as well
  • After which you have to press the know button
  • And your qualification is shown to you on the screen
  • If you are found eligible, you may receive financial aid

How Can I Register For This Program?

If you want to register for this program, here is an easy procedure that you can follow to register yourself. The registration procedure is as follows.

  • First of all, you have to go to your nearest Tehsil Office
  • After going there you have to get the NSER survey done
  • Some information will be taken from you. You will be asked about family members
  • And if you do any job, you will be asked about your salary
  • After that, the copy PMT score is checked
  • After that, you are qualified or disqualified for this program
  • A few days later you receive an SMS through 8171
  • In which you are told whether you can get financial assistance or not

Required Document

Following are the documents that are very important to bring while registering 

  • National Identity Card
  • List of Family Members
  • Register phone number
  • Monthly Income Certificate

Eligibility Criteria

Not all people can be eligible for this program. Only those who meet these conditions are eligible. You have to fulfil the eligibility criteria to be eligible for this program. Eligibility criteria are as follows.

  • This program includes poor deserving people.
  • Individuals whose income is less than 30 thousand are also eligible.
  • A family consists of at least six persons headed by a woman
  • No one in your family should have a government job
  • And neither the passport of any person should be made

Register Through SMS Code

The government of Pakistan also introduced the SIMS code for those who are not educated or do not have access to the Internet, they can register themselves with this 8171 code, and with the help of this code, you can check your eligibility. You must send your National Identity Card to 8171, after which you will be immediately notified whether you are registered for this program.

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